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We aim to build a resource-recycling society and realize a low-carbon society to leave a rich natural environment in the future.

An excellent industrial waste disposal contractor accreditation is a proof of trust and performance.As industrial waste disposal professionals, we offer appropriate waste treatment.

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Corporate history

From our foundation t o the present, we h ave continued to make progress while taking on the challenge o Corporate History f industrial waste.

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Business Introduction

Ensure safety and security, protect the environment, and promote industry.Innovation in waste collection and transport.

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Facilities Introduction

Like a sunflower that grows in the sun, RPF is an intermediate p rocessing p lant th at p roduces "seeds" of environmental impact reduction.

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Mission Land

Mission to realize a resource-recycling society and a low-carbon society.The facility t hat bears t his name continues to operate in order to protect the natural environment.

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CSR Introduction

Shomon Co., Ltd. conducts various social contribution activities to maintain the rich environmentof the earth and local communities. Our goal is to nurture people who can develop their concern for social contribution activities andprotect the natural environment of the future.

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